Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Wave Era with LED TV

New Wave with LED TV
Trends TV innovation with thin design with sophisticated technology, the LED will soon replace the LCD TV trend. The difference is the TV LED light adopt emitting diode technology as the primary light source, while the LCD TV using a technology CCFL (Cold cathode Fluorescent Lamps).

This was revealed in the launch of LED TV series B8000, B7000, B6000's Samsung. May 6, 2009 ago, at Atrium Senayan City. In addition to introducing the latest LED TV series, Samsung also launched several other innovative products, such as digital cameras, Camcorders and smart-phone.

New Wave with LED TVMany advantages would from LED TV features compared to LCD TVs, like, the TV LED capable of producing images with very high contrast ratio (mega-contrast), more environmentally friendly (eco-friendly), power-efficient (energy star 3.0 version) and more slim compared to the LCD TV.

Also of course there are many more things that are really distinguish between the two, but there will be no place for the whole of the information here. So? Get to try first, could feel the difference clearly.